FBME Solutions

A lot of FBME customers experience challenging times. It is unclear what is going to happen to the bank and if funds on deposit or actually lost or not. For private individuals and the smaller offshore companies this situation can turn out into a tragically loss. In a day and age where money is an issue, it gets harder to recover from bad judgment. Consumers simply cannot afford to throw their money away. Waiting for your assets to vaporize is such a thing. A thing that needs to be solved rather yesterday than today. 

FBME solutions have to fall within the parameters set forth by the Central Bank of Cyprus and its Administrator. New regulations have been invented to prevent criminal funds to leave the bank's accounts. It is assumed that criminal assets are too large to transfer in small chunks. Therefore the Administrator put a maximum on the daily payment level of 1.000 Euro. For most customers of FBME, who have no relations whatsoever with illegal activities and questionable money flows, it is doable to transfer their assets away from FBME. But, one should realize that there are some hurdles to take. 

A bank check issued by FBME cannot be collected in cash. It must be issued and deposited to the exact same beneficiary as the account holder at FBME. It means that FBME customers must have two bank accounts in Cyprus in order to transfer funds from their FBME account into an environment where they can freely access their assets. The FBME Bank Account Rescue Mission is the proper companion to help FBME customers transfer said money. 

Under normal circumstances it takes 14 days to open a bank account for a beneficiary, either High Net Worth Individual or Offshore Company, to open a bank account in Cyprus. After the bank account is opened it takes around 14 days per check to clear. It means that you can have access to your funds one month from now.